Notes From Hairenik

I am going to be very controversial, even insane for a few moments of your reading time. I am requesting that all Armenians around the world stop discussing the Genocide for only one week. Just one week, not forever, obviously. Instead, during that time frame they can discuss the current affairs of the Republic of Armenia, like for instance the upcoming presidential elections scheduled to be held in March, and who of the two leading candidates they would prefer to see taking power. Or, they can advocate issues that need to be addressed—political, social, humanitarian, or otherwise—in their homeland in the immediate future. Debating the future of Armenian-diasporan communities, especially their survival, around the world is also an important topic. There are dozens of others, such as a debate for adopting a commonly spoken, mutually acceptable Armenian language vernacular in an effort to dispel the Western versus Eastern rivalry, if that is even possible.

This change of topic could start as early as January 1 and last through January 7, 2008, on a positive note for the New Year. Armenians have to start spreading awareness of who they are now in the 21st century and where they are headed, it’s as simple as that. And only for one week! Sounds like a good idea to me.

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Blogger Ankakh_Hayastan said...
It's easier to speak about the Genocide instead of actually doing something. I think that's why all this talk is so popular. This has been a popular means of retaining Armenianness in diaspora but I see that the native Armenians have started seeing themselves as genocide survivors. It's sad as 90+ years have passed and we need to move on and become normal people.

We don't realize that the nation is becoming a nation of victims. I certainly do not want to characterize myself as a victim so I don't identify myself as someone who is a victim of genocide.

Let the bashing begin...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bravo Nazaryan,

I never talk or discuss about the Genocide. It was Genocide, over. Lets move on. In Hayastantsi families, in contrast to diaspran families, it is also not discussed. We are not victims, not winners or lossers.