Notes From Hairenik
June 25, 2012

This morning while my wife was walking across the courtyard behind our apartment building she happened to see a weeny kitten running across the driveway. She didn't think anything of it, figuring her mom was close by watching her every move, so she kept heading for the trash bins around the corner. On her way back home, she witnessed the kitten being attacked by a crow. Anush ran to her safety and scared the crow away, then not knowing what to do with the kitten, brought it home. Now we have a curious toddler, a not-so-neurotic-anymore chihuahua and a lost, rescued kitty to take care of. Anush fed her some milk the second she walked in and in the afternoon kitty woofed down some of Chi Chi's homemade beef and rice hash. I swear kitty nearly doubled in size in 14 hours.  Areg got a kick out of kitty, he even started barking at her.

Now we're trying to find a new home for this little puss. We haven't been able to track down kitty's mom, not that she cares her kid's been gone anyway. Kitty looks a little raggedy now, probably because she's so tiny I guess, but in a few months so long as she gets enough TLC I imagine she'll turn out to be a real mouse slayer. Too bad I can't stand cats.