Notes From Hairenik
November 12, 2004
I would like to welcome you to the online version of Notes From Hairenik. This blog is a virtual continuation of my column of the same name, which appeared in the Armenian Weekly, printed in Boston, Massachusetts. It touched upon various social, political, environmental, and benevolent-related issues as I perceived them during my stay in 2002. Often conversations with Armenian citizens regarding their own daily lives and undertakings were worked into the subjects of the columns, which varied from week to week. The column started in April 2002 and continued almost weekly until December of the same year, with a brief stint in December 2003 to January 2004.

Now that I have returned to Armenia and am beginning once again to live and work here, I decided that rather than confine my perceptions to a weekly column with a limited, albeit wide readership throughout the Armenian-American community, I thought it best to start an “online column,” with the hopes that it would be absorbed by an international audience.

I intend to continue in the same vein of the newspaper column in relaying my views on timely subjects affecting work, cultural, and social changes affecting Armenians, both positive as well as negative. From time to time, I may revive past columns when they may be of relevance to a particular, current situation occurring in Armenia.

I encourage you to visit the blog weekly to read new entries as posted. Comments are strongly encouraged, so please feel free to note anything you wish, including your own experiences regarding posted subjects. Note that comments will be shown on the page, so be warned as to what you write. Also, please send a link to this blog to those who you may think will enjoy it.

Again, thank you for visiting the site. I look forward to your feedback, and I hope you enjoy my views regarding life in the homeland – in the "hairenik."

--CG, November 2004


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Congrats Garo! Looking forward to reading the blog and your Notes from Hairenik.


Blogger Loris said...
Thanks Chris for sending me link to this blog. I believe that it will attract many readers interested in life in Armenia.


Blogger Christian Garbis said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Garo,

I look forward to reading your articles. Congrats on setting this up!



Anonymous Anonymous said...
Excellent work Garo.

Long live the continental revolution

Anonymous Judy C Meeker said...
Your writings are excellent, interesting, and and easy to read. I have an interest in Armenia. Glad I run into you.

Judy C Meeker Published Novelist