Notes From Hairenik
July 25, 2005
This evening I returned from a weekend trip to Karabagh, where I attended Ara Manoogian's wedding. Ara is a fellow diasporan Armenian, from California, who lives in Martuni, Karabagh. He is the author of the blog Martuni or Bust!!! and has worked with Edik Bagdasarian and Hetq online on the ongoing investigative series "Desert Nights," which documented the traffiking of women from Armenia to Dubai.

In any case, my impressions of Karabagh overall were positive. There is quite a bit construction going on, and Stepanakert is still one of the cleanest cities I have ever been to. However, unemployment is still a major problem and is the main reason why thousands of people have left during the last 10 years or so.

More about Karabagh soon....

And I'd like to again congratulate Ara on his marriage--he is a lucky man!

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