Notes From Hairenik
I would like to point out an interesting article that appeared on yesterday about traffic police corruption in Yerevan and even along regional borders. The article also covers dangerous driving. As a pedestrian in central Yerevan, I find it difficult to cross the streets since clueless, inexperienced drivers abound terrorize other motorists and people trying to walk about. Motorists driving particularly SUVs and expensive European cars often ignore all rules of the road--which are for the most part international--like stopping at red lights and waiting for oncoming opposite traffic to go by before making left turns. People also drive exceptionally fast for some reason despite all the construction that is narrowing some roads and people trying to cross the street (who are also careless). The racing in Yerevan which I discussed previously is out-of-hand--drivers even race to stop first at red lights (those that actually stop).

I'll have to say that I am routinely stopped by police, but as soon as they see that I carry a US driver's license they let me go. Some bozos try to extort a bribe but eventually just tell to continue on and drive safely.

In any case, you can read the article here.