Notes From Hairenik
August 29, 2005
I have not posted as many entries as I would like of late since my time is restricted by work and wedding planning (the date has been set for September 17). Plus, my iBook has been sent twice to the US for repair in the last three weeks and thus access to the Internet from home has been limited. I've recently resolved that problem by setting up another computer but I still have not had much time to write--my apologies.

In any case, I have been working for the last seven weeks or so for a start-up company based in California that has just recently set up shop here in Yerevan. The company is called Integrien and there are about five of us working in a small rented home near the corner of Abovyan and Tumanian Streets. My position is technical writer, although I am doing a bit of graphic design as well. So far, so good--the company seems to be in good shape and the people here are great.

In any case, there are many new developments in Armenia, such as the bracing for voting on a new Constitution recently and finally approved by the Council of Europe--that referendum is set to take place in November. During the past weekend apparently there were talks between President Aliev of Azerbaijan and President Kocharian about resolving the Karabagh issue. US Secretary of State Condolezza Rice in a phone conversation with Pres. Kocharian apparently vehemently expressed the US Government's wishes for the swift resolution to the conflict and for democracy to take a greater stride in Armenia. I can't say whether increased US involvement in the conflict's resolution is good or bad, but I do fear that Armenia may be pressured into taking steps it will regret later on.

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