Notes From Hairenik
September 25, 2005

Ariga Grigorian and I were married over a week ago, on September 17, at St. Gayne Church in Ejmiadzin. The wedding was followed by a reception at a really beautiful place called "Ashtarak Lij" located in Ashtarak, which featured a small pond in place of a lake as its name suggests with geese and ducks swimming in it. The campus is quite large with various nooks where people can meet and enjoy a nice time eating and dancing in a forest-like setting.

The wedding was a huge success--the ceremony was emotional, and the food was great along with the company. I'll try to write more about it at a later time with photos.

Photo of Ariga courtesy of Onnik Krikorian


Anonymous Liisa said...
Congratulation to the young couple! Beautiful bride! :)

Anonymous Chrissy said...
What's with the ads?!

Anyway, Congratulations to my favorite Chrissy and his lovely bride, Ariga! Wish we could have been there in body, but we were certainly there in spirit!

All our love,

Anonymous Knarik said...
Dear Garo and Ariga,

Congratulations on your wedding!  

We wish you both much happiness, yev meg bartsee vrah tseranag! 

Knarik and Murad Meneshian
Glenview, Illinois   U.S.A.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Congratulations from Italy!

Best wishes of health and a huge, peaceful and happy family!


Blogger Hasmik said...
Congratulations beautiful couples!!! It is my dream too to get married in Armenia. In Geghard to be precise.

Mi bartsi tak tseranak!