Notes From Hairenik
September 12, 2005
until the big day. My parents arrive on the 13th and I can’t imagine what they will expect. My mother first came to Armenia in 1969 as part of a tour group, when they first started letting tourists in. Much of the time I think she or her cousin, with whom she was traveling, was sick. The rest of the time they were on limited excursions with strict supervision or confined to Republic (then Lenin) Square, as they stayed at the Hotel Armenia, which has recently been transformed into the Marriot Armenia. My father has never been here. Aside from my parents, only my dad’s brother will come from overseas to represent me at the wedding.

The thought of my parents visiting Armenia seems surreal to me for some reason. There was much resistance from them in the past to come, but when they met Ariga back in April when we visited Boston, they did not hesitate at the thought of attending the wedding, as we wanted to get married either in Vanadzor or Ejmiadzin at the time. We picked the latter and the ceremony will be performed at St. Gayane, which truly is a beautiful church, dating back I believe to the 13th century, although I am not certain.

In any case, it will be an interesting experience, especially the part about getting married. It’s something I’ve wanted to happen for some time, but now that it’s happening it seems silly in a way. Ariga and I both behave like 10-year-old kids when we’re together, sometime causing scenes when in public, so I can’t imagine how we’re eventually going to raise children. So long as “vochinch” does not get in our way, I suppose things will work out just fine.

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