Notes From Hairenik
Here is some interesting news, from the Associated Press:

Jermaine Jackson of the legendary Jackson 5 revealed plans Monday to build an entertainment complex in Armenia and said he hoped that his brother Michael Jackson would join in a reunion concert marking its opening.

Jackson, a singer and bass guitar player who has pursued a solo career, is on a 12-day visit to this impoverished landlocked Caucasus Mountain nation. He said the complex could include a hotel, a restaurant as well as a television company.

This obviously sounds a bit crazy and random, but if it's in fact true I welcome it. It will be fantastic for sure. If anyone knows more information about these findings please leave a comment.

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Anonymous Lina said...
While I was dining in Orange County - Jermaine Jackson was sitting at the table next to us. As he was leaving - I said hello and introduced myself, asked him how his brother was doing - as I had met (strangely enough) Michael a couple of years ago in Vegas.

I told Jermaine that I heard he was in Armenia - he said - it was an amazing place and that he visited hospitals and orphanages and donated money to them.

I told him that I was so happy he is helping my Country and that I heard he was building an Entertainment Complex in Armenia - he said that he was - when I asked him why the general public is not aware of it - he said that he is waiting for it to be finished next year.

I thought asking him if building had actually started was a bit too nosey ..