Notes From Hairenik
June 21, 2006

Having just received my new digital camera over the weekend, I thought I would start walking around and take some photos. I’ve begun by shooting scenes in or near my neighborhood and in the courtyard behind the corner of Abovyan and Tumanyan Streets. Mainly I’ve taken these shots as well as dozens of others to send a few for publication on the Web site of a radio show called “Open Source,” where some of them will appear alongside segments of a letter I wrote to one of the producers. Last week they read part of my entry regarding the latest failed peace talks over Karabagh on their Blogsday 2006 program. Incidentally, most if not all the photos below containing old buildings will be destroyed very soon.

In any case, I am still trying to get the hang of operating this camera, thus some of the photos could have been composed better. But for the most part it takes great shots. None of them have been touched up using a photo editing software program, at least not yet. Expect to see more original photos on my site in the near future.

All photos copyright © Christian Garbis, June 2006

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Anonymous Knarik O. Meneshian said...
Random photos creating a collage of past and present stories of a country and its people… I find them most interesting, Garo.