Notes From Hairenik
The case regarding our friends at New Delhi has made the news. An article written by Edik Baghdasaryan was published in the newspaper “168 Zham” last Thursday, and the same article was printed in English, Armenian, and Russian on Hetq Online on Monday. Jacks (a.k.a., Joshi) has recently appealed to Transparency International Armenia to assist him in figuring out how to expose those trying to extort yet more bribes from him and his coworkers. This article has already done that.

Ultimately their goal is to obtain visas lawfully at the normally set fee, which is about $300 for a one-year stay. But the situation regarding having to pay $1500 each to resolve their residency problems has yet to be sorted out. Supposedly a young lawyer will be helping them out pro-bono, but she is still trying to obtain information as to how to go about tackling the case.

Apparently bribe extortion from foreign nationals choosing to live in this country has been going on for years. OVIR officials have been targeting people of all nationalities, including Chinese and Iranians.

Jacks will finally depart for Delhi on Friday to attend his brother’s wedding, and will hopefully be back in a couple of weeks. Let’s only hope for the best.