Notes From Hairenik
January 2, 2007
Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I hope 2007 brings everyone much health, happiness, and luck, with your dreams and ambitions realized. Armenians have much to do in order to accomplish what they wish this year regarding their expectations for how they want their society to be run, and I am hoping they will take all the necessary steps to do so, not matter how daunting or frustrating they may be. Most important of all, may peace prevail.

Warm regards,

Anonymous bekaisa said...
Happy New Year !!! -)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear moderator-publiser-owner of blog Mr. Christian Garbis. Happy ,healthy and prosperous year 2007 to you too!!
I just entered this blog? really it is more than thatrather a good web site,whatever.I also ventured in a column with rgds to traffic inefficiency in RA,rather near total absence of traffic law observations and penalties. i made my point that foremost the traffic pot-bellied a nd/or very thin officers should be replaced, with new Traf.police academy9does that exist?0 trained Young husky ones with gun and truncheon -always on duty in pairs..fines imposed and points etered in Dr. licenses of those committing wrongs. also after three such offenses lic.suspened. shall comment about other issues later. but I am not sure if this will be posted by you.Do I need to register/ 'cause tried with ggogle,could nt go through

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Blogger Christian Garbis said...
Hi, thanks for your comment. Please continue to leave comments on the blog, but be sure to "choose an identity" when you want to leave them so people know you are a real person :).

Blogger Ara said...
Happy 2007. May it bring all of us the needed change we need for a happy and healthy life.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Christian,

I wish a great year for you and all Armenians. I am Iranian and support Armenia all the way. Without Armenian and Russian support, northern Iran would now have become Azerbaijan's province of "South Azerbaijan". We need a strong alliance made up of Iran, Armenia, Russia and Greece. Pan-Turkism and pan-Turanism is a mad disease that is infecting northern Iran. Any idiot can see there are no similarities between Anatolian Turks and Azerbaijanis, other than the linguistic aspect and the fact that both countries speak a variety of Oguz Turkish. Turkey's traditions are Sunni/Ottoman, Azerbaijan's traditions are Shi'ite/Safavi. Have these pan-Turkists forgotten 400 years of Ottoman-Safavi hostilities? Azerbaijani culture is a mixture of Persian and Caucasian, and Azerbaijani music, food, and traditions are a far cry from Anatolian. The Gray Wolf crap seems to surface alot these days. Azerbaijanis are too busy Persian-bashing (the term "Persian chauvinism" was coined in Baku) to realize pan-Turkism itself is a form of chauvinism, and one that is quite artificial. A Kyrgyz Turk resembles a Mongol, while an Azerbaijani passes easily for a Persian, because that is what Azerbaijanis are: Turkic-speaking Persians.

That said, Baku provocateurs need to remember a few things. Persians and Azerbaijanis in Iran intermarry heavily, due to the common Shi'ite faith and common Iranian nationality. The mother of the late shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (whom Azeris call the epitome of "Persian chauvinism"), was Tadj ol-Molouk Ayrumlu, an ethnic Azeri. Empress Farah Diba, his wife, was the daughter of Sohrab Diba, an ethnic Azeri from Tabriz. Crown Prince Reza (who currently lives in the USA) married Yasmine Etemad Amini, an ethnic Azeri. Tehran is the most Azeri city in the world, with 5 million out of its 12 million inhabitants being Azeri (Baku has only 2 million), and all businesses, including Tehran's famous Bazaar, are run by Azeris. It is hard finding a "Persian" Tehrani who does not have at least one grandparent (or parent) who is Azeri. Iran's most powerful man today is Ayatollah Khamene'i, an ethnic Azeri, and Azeris in Iran are very well-integrated in Iranian society, and Iran's current government has Azeris in high-ranking positions.

Hence, the myth of Persian chauvinism and domination emanating from Baku-inspired separatist groups in Iran's northern provinces have not made much headway. Nonetheless it is a danger that is always there, as Azerbaijan enters her unholy alliance with Israel, Turkey and the USA, all of whom wish to see Iran's dismemberment.

Let us stick together, my Armenian friends, the enemy is lurking in our backyard.