Notes From Hairenik
January 15, 2007
My wife and I finally arrived in Armenia late last night with a clear conscience that my father had recovered extremely well from quadruple bypass open heart surgery performed just four weeks ago. But while we were in the air, he apparently suffered a cardiac arrest while asleep. My mother understood what had happened just in time, but when emergency services finally reached our home several minutes had already passed. Although my mother indicated that doctors "worked on him for hours" they can't really determine what his chances are for recovery, full brain activity, etc.

Currently he is in stable condition and his eyes are open. He has been responding to some reflex tests, although he does not appear to respond to verbal communication.

It is impossible to know at this point why this massive heart attack overtook his supposed good health since he was recovering quite nicely. I accompanied him on his visits to two doctors--a cardiologist and a neurologist (he suffered from a stroke post surgery but fully recovered in only a few days) and both passed him with flying colors. My father was a heavy smoker and a hearty eater. Combined with high blood pressure and controllable diabetes, his life style was eventually going to cause complications for his long-term well being. But despite an excellent recovery from the surgical procedures, it seems at this point he may not make it, although his friends and family have to be fairly optimistic.

I will return to Boston in a few days to tend to matters regarding my father's worsened health and our family business. New posts may cease temporarily but of course not indefinitely.

Anonymous Onnik Krikorian said...
My thoughts are with you and your family. I like your father a lot so my best wishes to him for a speedy recovery. Please pass my wishes on to your mum as well.

Anonymous artyom said...
i join onnik in wishing your father well, although have never met him. my father is in ill health himself.

Anonymous Sassna Dzrer said...
Sory to hear the news about your father. I hope all will go well. Mt best wishes to you and the family.

Blogger Eso said...
Astvats kez yev koh ntanikit pahapan: I'll add your family to my thoughts next time I pass an Aboriginal spirit site, on a mountain biking run.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am very sorry to hear it! Fingers crossed for your Dad.


Doug M.

Blogger Hagop said...
You are strong and positive. It is time for you to lead with love and understanding. Everything will be fine Christian.

Blogger Ara said...
Like the rest who have commented, my thoughts are with you and your family during this time of not knowing what waits. Be strong.