Notes From Hairenik
The number of voters who participated in the elections as indicated in my previous post, 1,375,733, seems to be the final tallied number according to the Central Election Commission. And apparently, Prosperous Armenia and ARF-Dashnaktsutiun are vying for second place.

Here is an updated partial list of political parties with their respective number of votes (as of 11:00 am):
Republican Party of Armenia: 343,822
Prosperous Armenia: 150,264
ARF-Dashnaktsutiun: 133,600
Orinats Yerkir: 53,599
Heritage: 31,678
New Times: 24,146
People’s Party of Armenia: 26,020
Republic: 12,968
Impeachment bloc: 8,614
United Liberal National Party (MIAK): 1,757

There may be a margin of error in some of the above figures by a few thousand votes. More information to come.