Notes From Hairenik
I've been waiting for the final election results to be released all day but to no avail. So below are the winners. Note that Orinats Yerkir and Heritage are the only two opposition parties to win seats in the National Assembly. The number of voters participating in the election was 1,389,521.

The winning political parties were the following:

Republican Party of Armenia: 457,032 (or 32.8%)
Prosperous Armenia: 204,443 (or 14.7%)
ARF-Dashnaktsutiun: 177,192 (or 12.7%)
Orinats Yerkir: 95,256 (or 6.8%)
Heritage: 80,890 (or

International Election Observation Mission representing the OSCE/ODIHR, which was monitoring the elections, stated in a press conference on May 13 that the elections were "largely in accordance with international commitments" although they stopped short of declaring them free and fair. Nevertheless, Armenia is on its way towards forging democracy.


Anonymous Vahe said...
Interesting choice of words, Garo... "forging" democracy...

: )