Notes From Hairenik
On Thursday reported that a missing boy in Gyumri was found dead in a shack. Apparently his body was riddled with shrapnel thought to have been from an exploded grenade. The boy had disappeared on May 20, the same day when a notorious shootout which involved the Gyumri mayor's son took place. The bizarre thing is that no one found the kid in the shed, which was not far away from his neighborhood by the way. Supposedly the entire area was searched at the time he disappeared but he wasn't found, until police followed up on a report of swarming flies in that shed the other day. One neighbor interviewed by phone by the news service said “I don’t know what to say... We just felt a bad smell and saw many flies.”

No one knows why the boy was found dead as there have not been any accusations of murder so far, but you do not have to be a detective to presume that the boy was most likely killed because he was a witness to something that occurred that day related to the shootout. It should immediately be ruled out that he wasn't playing with a grenade that he found lying around somewhere. Most likely the boy was hiding because he saw something or someone he shouldn't have seen that day, and he was found by people involved in the shootout, then exterminated.

It is unlikely that neighbors did not hear a grenade go off, it can't be possible. What most likely happened is that the body was indeed found by someone or several people, but they did not report it because they were scared something would happen to them, probably that they would meet the same fate as the boy. The problem is that most everyone is afraid to speak up when they know pertinent information in this country. Very few want to take responsibility and cry foul when they know there's something dreadfully wrong in their society. And until people start speaking up when such things happen like the murder of an innocent boy, or something less severe, things won't change and thugs will remain in power.

Onnik posted something about this incident on his blog. This event is a real tragedy, and everyone, from the mayor of Gyumri to residents living in that boy's neighborhood should be ashamed for not taking a stand.


Anonymous artashes said...
In some weird way your post suggests that the situation in Armenia is BETTER than it is. Namely, that they killed the boy for him not to divulge the information to the law-enforcement authorities. Stop right here! To whom?? Law-enforcement? It doesn't f---ing exist in this sub-Saharan country! The so called authorities are now "searching" for the mayor's bastard, and all other young parasites. But be sure that they will "find" only those who they need to scapegoat. As always. As with Levon Gulyan's case. As with many others.

So, exactly because they couldn't care less what the young boy saw or didn't see, I am much more inclined to side with the RFE/RL's version that the boy was accidentally killed during the shootout and his corpse hidden as to avoid an automatic murder investigation. Now, our valiant law-enforcement can come up with many versions, including its lately preferred "suicide"!