Notes From Hairenik
September 17, 2007
This is a warning to anyone living or visiting Yerevan to refrain from driving, at least for the time being. Due to the numerous road construction projects and generally poor roads operating a motor vehicle has become very hazardous with cars passing one another indiscriminately and causing near life-threatening accidents. I was unfortunately a party to two instances of road rage today, since everyone is in a hurry to go nowhere. Just minutes ago one car passed dangerously close beside me evidently irate and driving to endanger. It is a fact that most motorists on the road today obtain their driver’s licenses by paying a bribe, without passing any tests to prove they are capable of being able to drive. As a result you have insane numbers of drivers operating their vehicles nearly out of control. I for one am going to start taking a taxi to where I work in Arabkir every morning because it is not worth wasting my nerves or my safety driving on these roads. I’ve had it.

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Blogger Arshakadelic said...
The taxi cabs drive in the same conditions. How can that be any safer for you?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I told you that two years ago.
Walking across the street is worse.
Nothing has changed.