Notes From Hairenik
October 27, 2007
The weather has taken a rainy turn in Yerevan thankfully after several dry, windy and dusty weeks. The people who are brave enough to take to the streets (Armenians apparently detest water) are darting about in a near frenzy, trying to figure out where the nearest dry spot is located. People waiting for buses look absolutely miserable, nearly soaked and wearing frowns on their faces. Of course middle aged women who are fortunate enough to be carrying umbrellas still lack the urgent step in their walk and could not care very much about the drizzle. Large sheets of transparent plastic cover each vendor's goods from being soaked or rusted even more in the case of people selling hardware. All the deep potholes on the streets are camouflaged by the unimposing resemblance to simple harmless puddles. The quick pace of street life in Yerevan is slowed down a bit, sometimes dangerously, since most drivers have no idea how to drive their cars in the rain. They don't take into consideration that the road conditions change and maneuvering in traffic has to be readjusted to accommodate the slick properties of the wet streets. So you see people driving slower than usual or those who drive too fast not realizing what rain really means, and who thereby lose control of their cars. But as soon as the clouds momentarily break apart people seem to generally settle down.

I am supposed to take a trip out to Ararat for a khash party Sunday morning. We will be eating under the makeshift overhang roof of a trailer perched in the middle of countless hectares of farmland, and in the rain as the forecast predicts. So long as vodka will be on hand, it should be a tolerable wet morning.