Notes From Hairenik
October 6, 2007
The autumn always brings winds and some rains probably originating from the mountainous areas to the immediate south and north of Yerevan. And with the road construction going forward at a furious pace in virtually all parts of the city, the wind gusts are also kicking around lots of dust and sand. It is unavoidable to have invisible clusters of grit smack you in the face while walking down the sidewalks now, especially in the Gomidas part of town high above the city's center. Once in a while you manage to seek cover behind some trees, but since the city's municipality keeps lopping off their branches every year they provide minimal filtering capabilities.

The dust particles are so fine that they manage to somehow seep into homes even when windows are tightly shut, and they invade every room of the house. It's very peculiar. You have to dust down the furniture at least two or three times a week to keep it at bay and avoid minor respiratory discomfort. The dust is barely detectable until you run your finger across a flat surface to reveal a clean steak slicing though a nearly transparent, vaguely smoke-tinted layer.

It hasn't rained in Yerevan for at least six weeks, perhaps longer. August and September are typically dry months but precipitation usually starts up again come October. We are nearly a week into the month already but still no sign of rain, although the skies have been overcast for the good part of the day. Hopefully, God willing, before nightfall there will be a shower in our midst to help wash away all the loose dirt that has been making everyone's mobile life unbearable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
In September I lived in the center for a month in between apartments. There was so much dust in the apartment all the time! A lot more even compared to up near Komitas where I lived before. Also, my mom has slight throat problems while she was here, which we suspect was caused by the dust as well. I am actually very glad not to live in the center anymore because of the dust and the traffic.