Notes From Hairenik
November 8, 2007
Supposedly about 20 minutes ago someone was shot dead near the Gomidas Market in the Arabkir district, according to people who were loitering nearby. The person was apparently killed right out in the open, although there are no police cars or an ambulance anywhere in the vicinity. From the window overlooking the market in the building where I am currently nothing seems out of the ordinary—it’s business as usual, with the butcher displaying various cuts of meat and organs on a dirty, blood stained piece of faded white-painted plywood, vendors selling sacks filled with shelled walnuts and roasted peanuts as well as produce, people walking about aimlessly and so forth. I noticed a small crowd of people in the distance who appeared to have been gathered for some reason but it turns out they were just waiting for minibuses to come by and whisk them away. Now either someone was indeed killed or a RAF van running on dirty natural gas backfired while someone happened to slip on a rotting persimmon tossed onto the sidewalk by a vendor or something. Who knows? Yet unfortunately, I am not inclined to have a look myself, chicken that I am.


Blogger nazarian said...
Looks like at about 7pm the chairman of the Hunters' Union was shot dead in the Arabkir market. I wonder this is what you saw.