Notes From Hairenik
April 10, 2008
Yesterday when driving to work along the road that leads to Victory Park I saw from the view high above the city about a dozen or more hot air balloons floating around central Yerevan. It seemed they were congregating around Republic Square. From what I have heard there is some kind of balloon festival taking place in Armenia, and apparently adventurers from outside the country have been invited/encouraged to participate. A co-worker told me that tickets are available to travel in a balloon, which he plans to do on April 12.

This morning the balloons were heading north--some of them landed in Victory Park but the goal was to reach Ashtarak from what I heard. Apparently the winds were not in their favor and they had trouble floating in the direction they intended. People were pulling over their cars to get a better look and snap some photos, and nearly everyone was stopping in their tracks to observe the balloons in the area surrounding the Gomidas market where I work. I haven't been able to find any information about this festival online but it is supposed to last for a few days. Hopefully tomorrow I will remember to take my camera along to work and manage to take a few shots.