Notes From Hairenik
On Saturday, August 1 I will make my way to St. Gayane church in Ejmiadzin for wedding number 2. It's high time that I move onward with a new bride by my side.

I will marry Anush Khachatryan, who was born in Yerevan. I first met her a few years ago at a club called Stop where a local rock band was playing. In autumn 2007 we became friends, but soon thereafter our relationship blossomed into a full-fledged romance. We decided to get engaged last September. Anush is a energetic, fantastic enthusiastic woman who, among several impressive traits and virtues, is an expert in preparing Indian cuisine. She is a psychologist by profession and is employed by SOS-Kinderdorf Armenia as a counselor and educator to teenage orphans. I've never met anyone who has filled me with so much positive energy emanating from the aura of serenity she transmits. She is a dynamic, passionate woman whose lust for life I proudly share. I have written several poems dedicated to or inspired by her that can be read on my other blog.

St. Gayane is my favorite church in Armenia. It dates back to 630 AD but underwent a restoration in the 17th century. The entire structure is mostly constructed from red tuf stone, with slightly lighter and darker shades of tuf spotted here and there. The interior is expansive and fairly well lit with natural light for a church so old. It's undoubtedly one of the most well-designed churches I have ever seen in the entire country.

Beside the church are complexes which serve as residences for priests and administrative offices. The entire compound is strewn with flower gardens and trees. It's basically a sanctuary that is not as frequented as one might expect seeing that it's only a stone's throw away from the mother cathedral, St. Ejmiadzin. I got married there in 2005 not only because I love it there but also because my mother is the namesake of the church. She along with my father can't be here this time around, but she will be in my heart and thoughts when I enter the church on Saturday afternoon. My plan was to have my brother Sevan as my best man, but he unfortunately could not make it due to work-related conflicts.

The planning is moving along smoothly. The wedding dress was sewn by a dressmaker who apparently specializes in women's high fashion. It proved to be much cheaper than renting a dress at a minimum of $300. Anush's dress, including material and labor, cost only 40,000 dram to make, or approximately $112. I haven't seen it yet naturally but I've heard that it is stunning, so I'll make up my own mind in five days.

Other things have been worked out as well. We've already arranged transportation for family and friends who don't drive. We ordered the cake from a popular bakery on Kochar Street, located not far from the intersection with Azadutyan Street. The bakery doesn't seem to have a name for some reason, but their cakes and pastries are special. We hired a band that will be led by jazz trombonist David Minasian, who plays with the Armenian reggae band Reincarnation and leads his own group, called Nooz. The small ensemble is going to play traditional Armenian music performed the way it should be, with duduk, zurna, dhol, accordion and a vocalist. So it will be a memorable evening. The reception will be held at a hotel-restaurant in Nork-Marash, which is perhaps the most picturesque and romantic district of Yerevan.

Photos of the wedding will be posted here some time next week.


Blogger Arshakadelic said...
Congratulations - and this time, 'mi bartsi tseranak!'

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Cristian,

My warmest congratulations. I wish you and Anush happiness. You deserve it!!!

Samurai - Haik

Blogger Ani said...
Congratulations, Christian!

Blogger Vagabonde said...
Your fiancé sounds so very nice, and an expert in preparing Indian cuisine! That is saying something! My youngest daughter married a young man here whose family emigrated from the state of Kerala in India. When we eat in her in-laws’s house the food is delicious. Your wedding sounds like it will be an occasion to remember – the last time I went to an Armenian wedding I was 5 – when my mum and I went to Istambul to bring back my grandmother to Paris, but I still remember some of it and I had a lot of fun. All my sincere congratulations – sincères félicitatons!

Anonymous Hagop Bedrossian said...
That's awesome news! Congrats and all the best C.G.

Anonymous Narbey Derbekyan said...
Hi Christian,

Congratulations to you and Anush, and many years of happiness.

It was good to meet you both this April. Me and my sister had a very good visit and had a good time at Poplavok.