Notes From Hairenik
September 21, 2009
My plan was to write a short message in celebration of Armenian independence day accompanied by a photo of flying tri-color national flags or kids waving them in hand, but I couldn’t find any, save for some small faded striped squares hanging from wires supporting the electric trolley lines on the main avenues in downtown Yerevan. I find it bizarre that there are virtually no visible signs that Armenia is celebrating its 18th year of independence in the capital. There will be some sort of musical event this evening it appears on Republic Square judging from the stage being erected, and there’s bound to be a fireworks show, which I suppose is fine for young and old alike. But to see no flags flying anywhere is quite strange, especially at main intersections where traffic is notably high.

In any case…

May the Republic of Armenia prosper, self reliant and financially sound, with secured borders on all fronts. May its territorial integrity never be compromised, with stable, controlled access to points east and west under its own sovereignty. Here’s hoping for a steadfast, illustrious future for its citizens with the integrity of their statehood intact, their heads held high and proud that they as a nation are in control of their own destiny and prosperity. Let Armenians earn the justice they rightfully deserve, refusing to succumb to pretensions that they can only survive while reliant on the disingenuous overtures of its immediate mendacious neighbors.

Let Armenia be.

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Anonymous Ani said...
It is funny you would mention that. I am in Yerevan right now and yesterday morning I walked to Hraparak to see the army march and it was so sad to see that there was nothing, so I ended up in Square One for a coffee.

I have been in Yerevan during this time and they have always celebrated the independance day very well but this year I was very disappointed.

Blogger Observer said...
Perhaps that's because there's nothing to celebrate?