Notes From Hairenik
September 8, 2009
I just came back from a intimate meeting of bloggers hosted by the British Council at its offices here in Yerevan. They invited me and about 10 other Armenian bloggers to chat with author Iain Dale of Iain Dale's Diary.

Iain's blog mostly presents his opinions and insight on British political news items, so I am unfamilar with most of the topics that are covered there unfortuately. It was a pleasure hearing what he had to share with us about his own experiences with blogging since 2002, and it was great to be part of an exchange between fellow Armenian bloggers for sure. There hasn't been many opportunities for me to actually see other bloggers based in Armenia mainly due to lack of time so it was well worth going there to meet everyone.

If you happen to be fascinated by political events, rumors and gossip in the UK, you should definitely check out Iain's site if you haven't already--it can be found here.