Notes From Hairenik
March 2, 2010

March 1 is considered to be the first day of spring in Armenia. In actuality, the entire winter, if you can call it that, was an early spring.

I can't recall the temperature in Yerevan falling below freezing at any time in December, January or February.  It snowed only twice in the city, and both times the temperature didn't seem to drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit during the day or even at night. My wife and I had to go to Tsaghkadzor as I wrote in a previous post on this Armenian blog to recall what winter is supposed to be like, but even there, on Sunday afternoon when we were about to head back, the weather warmed up quite suddenly and the snow started melting very fast.

About two weeks ago flower vendors nearby the Gomidas Market started to sell crocuses on the sidewalks. Now you can already find tulips, violets and daffodils. I've never seen such flowers bloom so soon in the year in Armenia before.

 This poor guy selling pussy willows is just about to sneeze... bad timing.

I also ran into some spring chickens being sold only inches from someone selling crocuses. Don't ask why--the reason should be obvious: Why not?

Photos taken on my Nokia N86 8MP.

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Blogger Vagabonde said...
I have looked at your posts several times without commenting. I enjoy looking at the photos of monasteries and the countryside. The sky in some of your pictures is so beautiful. I also think that Chi Chi is adorable. I don’t think you could ever be upset with such a sweet puppy, just a look at his imploring eyes, and that would do it. I also found your post on the language interesting. Languages change. I left France as a young adult and rarely speak it around here. I used to know another French woman but she went back to France in 2000. I am pleased that because of my blog some French people have come to place comments and so I answer in French. After a while a language using foreign words cannot be understood in the original language. What I mean – I used to work with trainees from Algeria. Once we had some visiting trainees from Dubai so I thought we would all go to lunch. Well, the Algerians had to speak English with the Dubai students. I guess Algerian is a mix of Arabic, Berber and French. My father never taught me Armenian unfortunately. I used to love listening to him talk with his friends; I thought the language sounded so nice. We were in a restaurant a while back in Atlanta and the people at the table next to us were speaking a foreign language. I was almost positive it was Armenian. I finally had the courage to ask them, and yes they were Armenians from the Boston area visiting around here. I wonder – if I ever went to Armenia to visit for a couple of weeks, would not speaking Armenian be a problem? I did take Russian in France but that was long ago. And you are lucky to have spring so early. Today we had heavy snow here in Atlanta. Tomorrow of course it will be gone but snow is rare around here.

Anonymous Diana said...
I think spring is the warmest season that fills our souls with positive feelings. You have given such a bright description of the first signs of spring that I think now I love it even more. :)

P.S. The pictures in the post are amazing.