Notes From Hairenik
March 8, 2010

I just wanted to wish all the female readers of this blog Happy International Women's Day.  In Armenia, today is a national holiday, and everything is closed except for food stores, florists and restaurants, all of which will be jammed packed since everyone is taking out their wives and mothers. I hope you're able to celebrate this special day with lots of laughs, wine and song. Here's to you.


Anonymous Diana said...
Thanks for Your warm wishes! :)

Blogger Vagabonde said...
Thanks for the beautiful tulip bouquet. I did not know that this was International Woman’s Day. I watched CNN while having breakfast and they never mentioned it; just talked mostly about the Oscars. Frankly, I did not even know this holiday existed, maybe because it is “international” - if it were “American Woman’s Day” they may have mentioned it here as they don’t go too much for all that “international” stuff!

Blogger nazarian said...
Vagabonde, it's a communist holiday. There was a time when the Russians dreamt of an international revolution to topple capitalism. March 8 was one of their propaganda tools (just like May 1).

Blogger ashuna said...
thank you:)