Notes From Hairenik
I am trying to generate traffic to my other blog about Armenia, Footprints, which is sponsored by Hetq Online. Just over a year has passed since it went online and I still don't know what people honestly think about it, as feedback has generally been low.

Footprints differs from this Armenian blog in that I provide alternate viewpoints about current important political, social and environmental issues in Armenia. I try to be as objective as I can when weighing both sides of controversial subjects but inevitably my opinions, occasionally strongly biased, take precedence.

But the main goal from the onset was to generate a buzz and facilitate an exchange of opinions in the comments section for topics discussed, which regrettably has not yet happened to the extent that I hoped for.

There is much ado about the proposals for opening foreign language schools in Armenia now, and I've addressed the issue in two different articles. This is currently a very controversial subject, with mostly politicians, journalists and some ordinary citizens expressing their strong views about it.

Last year I presented my thoughts on the infamous Turkish-Armenian protocols, which have all but fizzled out.

I've also expressed my opinions about the opposition and what they should or shouldn't be doing, while trying to implement an objective voice. I was never happy about the sentencing of Armenian opposition activists as I thought they were by and large unfair, which is not to say that I support the opposition--I actually don't really care for either side. I tend to be critical of both the parties in opposition and the authorities who are or once were in power.

There's sometimes news about rumors that people like to spread, which are baseless more often than not; nevertheless it's interesting to examine them.

I also publish some photography on Footprints as well. Just before the New Year's I uploaded some interesting pictures about life in the open Armenian market.

If you do decide to visit the Footprints blog, please feel free to leave comments, either positive or negative so I can better gauge what I am doing right and what needs improvement.

Blogger Ani said...
Well, I've been reading it ;) and I've linked a few of your posts (both blogs) on Twitter. But--why aren't you on Twitter yourself? Then you could post all of your links and people who don't already know about the blogs will find you that way. Also, several of us (including me) have Twitter lists focused on Armenia, if you want to jumpstart finding other people with common interests.

Blogger Christian Garbis said...
Hi Ani, I was thinking about finally opening a Twitter account recently after a friend of mine suggested that. I will definitely look for those lists you mentioned to get started. See you there. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I generally read this blog of yours, mainly because I am trying to stay away from the political stuff (it just frustrates me, and I want to stay as positive about life as possible), I did read your post on foreign language schools and I really appreciate your insight and I agree with your view (I'm a teacher, so it is particularly interesting to me, and I support opening these schools).I started a blog recently as a permanent expat living in Armenia. It's mainly about how to find stuff here...recommendations about places to go, etc., more than my personal thoughts. It also contains some funny stories wirtten by a friend of mine. Check it out... Would love to hear the insight of a fellow blogger in Armenia!