Notes From Hairenik
February 10, 2012

There's a lot of snow to contend with on Yerevan's streets these days. These photos taken by my wife around our neighborhood attest to the comments you can read from people on Facebook. My wife is always complaining that there is "so much snow," which although delivers inconvenience with its onslaught, it also provides for beautiful landscapes. I am not in Armenia at the moment, but having seen snow in Yerevan I can imagine how difficult it is for people to get around. In New England a common sight to see in the winter are large trucks outfitted with gigantic plows on the front to push the snow curbside. You also have miniature plows for the sidewalks so kids can walk to school in the morning. In Yerevan, snow removal was a problem in the past. However, a couple of months ago after a snow flurry the sidewalks were impressively cleaned promptly by the municipality, and sand was generously sprinkled on the sidewalks. Here in the Boston area, the temperature is relatively mild and the ground is snow-free -- it's like early spring here. But I can't say I'm pining for the winter wonderland of Armenia (although I do miss Tsaghkadzor).

Photos by Anush

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Blogger Ankakh_Hayastan said...
From what I hear, it was a complete surprise and the Yerevan townships were caught off guard. The municipalities in other towns were shocked by this unexpected development in weather as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for blogging. It is always exciting to read your stories. Someday, I hope I can move there as well and write about my journey and daily challenges I will encounter contributing to the Hayastan community.