Notes From Hairenik
March 17, 2012

These photos were taken by me today at the market beside Yerevan's Central Train Station. Nearly 10 people asked me why I was taking photos, including a police officer who gave me something vaguely reminiscent of a salute. These images demonstrate typical scenarios of daily life in Yerevan. You will be hard pressed to find any such similar scenes in the city center. Out of the six or so vendors I visited, only two of them could return change for the coins I gave them without having to bum some money from their neighbors. Ironically, you find the same problem from vendors selling produce out of dark corners and behind trees near where I live in the center. These are people living day to day, and some who make a $10 profit earn just enough for the family's evening meal.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I used to take the metro to this market every weekend. Too much hassle because at the height of the season you're competing with many who are buying wholesale for resell. Now I go to the farmer's market up on Khandjyan/Gomidas intersection. By the way, the Footprints comment field still doesn't work