Notes From Hairenik
I was going to pen a few words here on the eve of the National Assembly elections, but since I don't necessarily have anything else to add other than what I wrote in my latest op-ed piece for the Armenian Weekly, and considering that I really don't know how interested readers of this blog are in politics, I'll simply insert a link to the piece.

I will reiterate however that Armenia's future is riding on these elections. They will be a true test as to whether democracy can really work and whether public discontent will finally he heard with their needs properly and promptly addressed. As a direct result of the pretend-not-to-notice laissez-faire employed by this Armenian government, apathy has a strong choke-hold on the citizenry of Armenia and the population of the country is dwindling fast. So if the socio-political climate of Armenia doesn't change soon, and I mean Monday,  there's no telling what things will be like even a few months from now.

The future of Armenia lies solely in the hands of Armenian citizens. Let's hope and pray they realize this on Sunday morning and get out the vote.