Notes From Hairenik
March 21, 2013

Time is a funny thing. The older I get, the harder it is for me to keep track of hours, days and weeks. The last few months have felt like a couple of weeks at the most. I keep postponing my new posts day after day, thinking that if a week or two passes no one will realize. In ten days my boy Areg will turn two. Seems like we were celebrating his first birthday only a few months ago. And I haven’t posted anything on this blog since New Year’s.

The other day we took Areg to the barber for his first-ever official haircut. Everyone says he finally looks like a boy, whatever that means. Here are some before and after photos, you can judge for yourself.

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Blogger Marash Girl said...
He's adorable and he's always looked like a boy! IN fact, he looks Marashtsi!