Notes From Hairenik
February 21, 2014

I'm pleased to announce that my TEDx talk, "Never Letting Life Go," has finally come online.

Apart from being a father and beating the illness that I describe, this TEDx talk is one of my life’s greatest achievements. Thanks again to TEDxYerevan curator Kristine Sargsyan for valuing my story and her devotion. I’m still amazed by how enthusiastically it was received, the experience was truly humbling. My hope is that anyone viewing this talk will appreciate it.

In the talk I discuss how I overcame the most traumatic experience of my life and moved on, hoping that I would inspire others to conquer whatever personal challenges they face rather than giving in or believing that nothing can be done to reverse their misfortune. I'm thankful that I put that period of hell behind me at long last, I hardly ever think about it any more, and this talk as well as my two boys certainly helped with that. The memories haunted me for years, and now there all but gone from the top of my mind. With every day that goes by, every morning when I look upon my children's beaming faces, I feel more grateful for what I have now.

I want to again thank my fellow TEDx speakers for the inspiration they bestowed unto me. They are all super intelligent, kind and make lasting impressions--I have certainly learned a lot from them. I strongly encourage all readers of this post to watch their TEDx talks; they are all very insightful and persuade you to examine circumstances of life from various perspectives. I am proud to know them.

Please share your thoughts about the talk and tell others about it if you feel so inclined. Thanks!

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Blogger Sonia said...
Thanks for sharing

Blogger Sonia said...
Thanks for sharing