Notes From Hairenik
November 3, 2014
As I lay in bed trying to finally kick the lingering, sinus-stuffing virus that has swept Yerevan, my children included (they affectionately gave it to me in the first place), I thought I'd post some golden moments from the last six months. Shantig my little one has grown up a lot and after only one year (his birthday is tomorrow!) is ready to start walking already—seems like it's just a matter of minutes. And big brother Areg has a great appetite for fine foods as you'll see. I love these kids more than anything, they're my two sunshines and they fill me with energy and hope every day, even when we're apart.

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Christian, it was great to meet you. What a sweet post this is. Your boys are very handsome. I hope we can get together sometime soon! Find me at - I think I also found you on Twitter.

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