What about Shikahogh?

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Well a quick press review shows that there is no more discussion about the Shikahogh situation. The follow-up press conference that was announced at the forum on Friday, June 17 to have been held on June 24 by the minister of transport and communication Andranik Manukyan seems to not have happened. So it is unclear what is actually happening regarding Shikahogh.

In any case, environmental NGOs working in Armenia and all Armenians worldwide should not let down their guard on this issue. You never know what the Armenian government is cooking up to resume construction.

By the way, according to a source who actually visited the forest area and traveled on the existing road from Meghri to Kapan there are no real problems in terms of usability, aside from the unavoidable road obstructions with snow during the winter months (which would also occur with the proposed road through the forest, as it is virtually inaccessible in the winter anyway).

This problem however, it seems to me, could be solved simply by investing in modern, heavy duty snow clearing equipment to ensure the road is continuously usable. It would be a lot cheaper I am sure than constructing a road costing $19 million.

Anyway, if anyone knows something that I have missed please comment below.


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