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I wrote a blurb about what's happening behind my apartment building, relating to the raising of the tiny neighborhood, which can be read at Hetq Online. Photos are by Onnik Krikorian, who is the photo editor at Hetq. I will be writing a more detailed article about this development in the coming weeks.

It is snowing pretty heavily outside, with over 8 inches on the ground and more to fall. It's my third winter spent in Yerevan, and I've never seen so much snow. The streets in center Yerevan are messy, and there are few cars on the road. The sidewalks are a mess as well, as businesses are responsible for shoveling the areas in front of their own establishments.

There is a natural gas crisis facing Armenia at the moment, due to those pesky Chechens who blew up the pipeline running from Russia to Armenia in North Ossetia. Supposedly the pipeline will be fixed by Wednesday at the latest. You can read about it more here.


Hasmik said…
Thank you for the update. By the way, do you know when they demolished the "corncob" building in Yerevan?

I was really saddened and mad when I found out they demolished it.
Demolition of the youth hotel and recreation center is still going on. They are still taking down the tower, although the hall and swimming pool area is supposed to remain, but they'll probably destroy that as well.

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