Some guy writing about democracy in Armenia

Yesterday my attention was called to a blog named Democracy Guy. The author, Tim Russo, writes about his experiences in Armenia during the late 1990s and the tumultuous events surrounding President Levon Ter-Pertrossian's resignation. About his blog he explains that:

Democracy Guy is the title of my long suffering manuscript about my adventures. No one wanted to buy it. So I'm publishing it here....along with some blogging.

His writings are intriguing to say the least and give great insight into the problems with struggling-to-develop democracy in a country where its residents by their stubborn nature are resistant to change. He discusses his frustrations with the political climate of Armenia as well as with the bozos who are leading the parties vying for power. Although he has an accute fondness for the F-word and other colorful adjectives, Democracy Guy is worth checking out.


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