A commentary on 'rabiz'

A social commentary that I recently wrote about 'rabiz'--the music, social stereotype, and culture--was just printed on Hetq Online.

This article is based mostly on my personal observations as well as some information provided on online forums with posts made by young Armenians either based in the Los Angeles area or in Yerevan.

I've been surrounded by the rabiz mystique for some time now, and although I believe my article may be the first examination of what it is all about published in the English language, I acknowledge that there may be things that I have overlooked or even overstated in my commentary.

The article can be read here.

Photo caption: The common rabizmobile, Lada 2107, minus the black tinted windows.


Anonymous said…
hello, i'm writing to you to ask you for a favor. i have a cousin who is currently incarcerated and we think that the 'rabiz' culture may have some influence in his case. i was hoping to ask you to please email me any information you may have on 'rabiz'. my email address is alexi_aleksanyan@yahoo.com . thank you very much, your help is greatly appreciated.

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