Virus plagues Yerevan

I was hit with a whammy of a virus that I have heard seems to be circulating around Yerevan at present. I think I inherited from my wife or a friend or both, can't say for sure. It kept me confined to my bed for most of the last three days and scorched me with a high temperature, although not as severe as the infamous Vanadzor fever that almost killed me (exaggerating) in 2005. Sicknesses spread fairly quickly in Yerevan I am guessing mainly through public transportation. People love to cram into the hundreds of minivans that zigzag throughout the city, so I am guessing that if one person on board is carrying the virus, feasibly almost everyone on board who is susceptible could catch it as well, then forward it to anyone else with whom they come into contact, causing a chain reaction.

I don't know a way of preventing this thing, which has left me with a parched, sore throat no matter how many liquids I drink all day long or cough drops I take, not to mention a splitting fever-induced headache made worse by the dreaded, depressing Eddie Rabbit with Crystal Gayle '80s country song "You and I" playing over and over again in my head all night long. I don't know how it resurfaced into my conscious memory--it's still lingering for some reason.

Taking daily 1,000 mg supplements of Vitamin C didn't seem to do anything. Tylenol made me sweat for the remainder of the fever night while wrapped tightly under the wool blanket which thus lowered my body temperature but did not aid the weakness I felt the following day. Eating huge bowls of chicken soup as well as drinking lots of black or green tea and fruit juice also did not seem to have any effect. Which means one thing--if you are in Yerevan right now and have not gotten sick yet, try to stay home as much as possible while not at work or wherever else for the next week or two. No restaurants, no trips in minivans, no shopping in huge markets, nothing.

Stay well.


Anonymous said…
Lots of madzoun and garlic rubs on the chest
Anonymous said…
Better yet, eat the matsoon and garlic! Get well soon, Garo!

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