Khosroff is back

A few months ago I reported on my father's drastic improvement from his sudden decline in health, when he unexpectedly suffered from cardiac arrest in mid-January, exactly one month after having undergone open heart bypass surgery. Although at first we were all extremely concerned about his prognosis, he defiantly beat all the odds against him. Four months later, after relentless mental and physical therapy, not to mention diligent patience, Khosroff walked out of the rehabilitation center yesterday and went straight off to work. Apparently shortly after he arrived he demanded to sit at his jeweler's bench--where my brother had been working while my dad was away--not necessarily to do his repairs or create something but simply because it was his spot. After he finally returned home he sat down for a typical Armenian dinner of dolma that my mother meticulously prepared before going to bed.

In a nutshell, my father's long-term memory has apparently been completely restored, which is remarkable considering that his brain was deprived of oxygen for several minutes. Short-term memory needs more time to return, but it may not ever be as it once was, which is what we were expecting anyway. He relies on a walker to help him move around as his coordination is still a bit off, although he does not require the use of a wheelchair. Tiredness is still a part of the recuperation it seems. And his personality, mannerisms, and even Khosroffisms are all intact, as if he had never been in poor health. In other words, those who were privileged enough to meet him during his visit to Armenia, or those who know him back in Boston, will be very pleased to see him back in action.

The last four months were very trying for my family, especially for my mother who went through hell and back with my father. But we thank everyone for their prayers and warm wishes of good health for him. With your support the pain we all felt was not as sharp. Khosroff especially appreciates your faith in him.

Photo: Khosoff Adanalian, St. Ejmiadzin, Armenia, courtesy of Onnik Krikorian.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update--I'm very happy to hear this news and I can't wait to see you all in Lexington again!

-- Jason
So happy to hear the good news about your father. Congratulations Khosroff Jan!!!!!
Anonymous said…
It was a great news regarding your father's health Garo jan. I hope I will meet him soon, hopefully in Armenia, as he promised to return here. Best wishes.

Ara said…
Great news!!! We are very happy for you and your family.

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