Panic At First Snow

I vowed not to drive in the snow this winter but seeing as that I have not been able to sell my car yet for technical reasons related to the car's registration I have no choice. Actually, there are options like using public transportation or taxis, but I figured I might as well get the most out of my car before its eventual sale, hopefully before the new year.

In the meantime, I am feeling the panic starting in the city with the onslaught of snow. It seems to have arrived earlier than previous winters as I remember--usually it doesn't start until mid to late December. Seems that this year we are especially priviledged. People are walking gingerly down the slush-covered sidewalks, slightly hunched over while the fluffy snow tickles their cheeks and noses. There are a lot more cars on the road than this time last year which means conceivably thousands more inexperienced drivers sliding across slick roads in the winter. The tunnels and bridges are still not complete, the construction of which I feared would be delayed until the beginning of spring. Increased traffic jams are definitely on the radar screen. I can expect the sudden slamming on the brakes whenever a puddle comes into sight, forget the gouges in the roads that have yet to be repaired left gaping after pipes of some sort were changed along Gomidas Avenue. Drivers are concerned about puddles I imagine mainly because it means that their precious cars will get a little dirty. It doesn't matter how old the car is or what condition it's in either, when a tiny pool of water appears drivers have to immediately slow down, which means plenty of rear-end collisions. I am hoping that by the time I leave work today around 6:00 pm, most drivers will have already kicked back on their living room couch or else perched round a table tossing back a few shots of vodka, thankful that their cars were not smashed to mangled pieces in the afternoon.


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