Images of Geghard

These photos were taken at Geghard monastery, located in the Kotayk region, on Sunday, April 20. Geghard is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Armenia. The churches and chapels on site are partially carved out of a huge ledge. Every Sunday sacrifices of animals are performed in the courtyard behind the rear protective wall of the complex--you can still see the blood of slain lambs on the cement platform where the rituals are performed. As I was walking out of the complex with Julie someone was bringing in a rooster held by the neck to undergo the same fate. These sacrifices are usually undertaken to bring luck to a family member or to give thanks to God for the good fortune bestowed upon the family. The area is very picturesque with a brook running beside the monastery and high cliffs surrounding the place. In any case, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Photos Copyright © 2008 Christian Garbis


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