House Foreign Affairs Committee Condemns Armenian Genocide

On Footprints, my other blog about Armenian issues where I concentrate on political topics now, I wrote about my thoughts regarding the passing of the Armenian Genocide resolution by the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee on March 4.

Here are some excerpts:
People are probably wondering whether President Barack Obama will actually say the “G-word” this year. It could happen. Some believe that Washington may be trying to pressure Turkey to move forward with the protocols by properly recognizing the Armenian Genocide. After that happens, Turkey is likely to fess up and go through with opening the border, despite its reservations.
I doubt that Turkish officials want to look like absolute hypocrites by walking away from the protocols at this point. The protocols are already up for discussion in the Armenian parliament. They already look bad by demanding that a resolution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict be resolved first before the shared border with Armenia is opened. Naturally the international community (with the exception of Azerbaijan, of course) thinks that doesn’t make much sense. Then again, Ankara is too proud to let anyone boss them around, including Washington. Nevertheless, in the end Ankara can’t do much about Genocide resolutions and condemnations. The Genocide has been recognized by national legislative bodies around the world, and that’s not about to stop.
Since I wrote that post, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her statement to the press was adamant that the Obama administration will not let the resolution reach the House floor for debate. I really don't know if politicians can let this keep happening every couple of years. The last time a similar resolution came to light was in 2007, and it was shot down at the last minute despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's promises that it would be considered for a vote by congressmen.

No one can tell what will really happen this year since Turkey is playing games with the fate of the protocols and is about to infuriate the West, but I can safely say that Turkish officials are really looking like imbeciles in the world's eyes by continuing to deny the facts of the Armenian Genocide. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a dumbfounded Charlie Rose back in December that “I can say very clearly that we do not accept genocide. This is completely a lie.” How long can this pompous repudiation continue?


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