Armenia Awaits Eurovision 2010 Results

As I write this I am watching the Ukraine's contender Alyosha in the Eurovision 2010 contest sing her ballad, "Sweet People." In about 15 minutes Eva Rivas will be on--she is already predicted to take second place according to the soothsayers at Google with her tune "Apricot Stone," which I must admit is pretty catchy. It's nearly 1:30 am. Yerevan is extremely anxious, there is a huge party around the pond near the Opera House. The entire block has been closed to traffic. There a stage was set up for a pre-finals performance, various acts played including Andre, Inga and Anush and a group of three drummers, the name escapes me, who were fantastic. At one point one of the lamp posts caught on fire, most likely due to the shoddy electrical wiring, and the lights went out, thus no microphones. They banged away regardless, keeping spirits high, tricolor flags were waving, the sweet scent of sunflower seeds cracking was in the air. It's always pleasant watching people having a blast of a time.

As soon as the final results are confirmed I will post them. I don't remember Armenia ever being so excited about the Eurovision contest.


Elly said…
Drummers' name is Drum Extasy :)
And they are great!

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