Chi Chi in the Tall Grass

This video was taken of Chi Chi with my cell phone, the Nokia N86 8MP, during her romp on the piece of land that I own, located in the village of Jrambar, Aragatsotn, about 45 kilometers north of Yerevan. I took my wife and father-in-law out there last weekend to breathe some fresh air.

A drinking water reservoir is located there, which is protected by state police, and I always have to get permission from them when I want to stroll around the area, enjoying the pristine nature. Although on the other side of the reservoir hidden high in the hills one or two--possibly more--oligarchs have residences, and I can always see Japanese SUVs with "pretty numbers" on their license plates jolt across the dam to get there. The area is simply gorgeous, and the most wonderful thing about it is the absence of development--no hotels, casinos, gaudy restaurants, nothing. Hopefully, no one will venture to touch it. Technically no one can, since its under government protection and the area must not be polluted. Then again, so are many wildlife reserves, and that doesn't keep the big shots from hunting.

Chi Chi cannot walk through the grass very well because of her diminutive height, as you can see from the video, so she essentially has to hop around like a bunny rabbit.


Ara Manoogian said…
Wow, what a great place!! And wow, your phone has zoom!! Are there any other lots that someone could buy out there?

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