A Short Post

Having just returned from a three-week visit to Boston (too short), I just wanted to pen a few words about my first impressions being back in Yerevan.

Armenia -- or rather Yerevan -- needs to think earnestly about abandoning this preoccupation with glitz, glamour and elitism, which has long become a harrowing paradox. Sooner or later the brazen display of newfound wealth – and the pompousness that goes hand in hand with it -- will backfire. Simultaneously with this trend, the country has found itself billions of dollars in debt to international financial institutions and foreign governments that it has no obvious plans to pay back. Sooner or later the Armenian government will need to pay up, but ultimately at what cost?

This arrogant, round the clock display of self-entitlement also has to be done away with. As I write this, a pack of obnoxious meatheads are partying on the street corner, right underneath my balcony. How that exactly will be curbed needs to be investigated – maybe it will take a few phone calls to the police (a cop came by nearly a month ago to “register” us, letting us know to call whenever we need him), but probably that will only exacerbate the situation.

Chi Chi is more neurotic than ever. I brought back some winter clothing to keep her warm during our upcoming walks in the snow, which will be a first for her tiny paws that are each the same size as the tip of my index finger. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any booties. Photos of her new getups to come. For her divine coziness there’s also a small fleece bed and blanket, which I hope will permanently keep her off our own bed.

And one more thing – my wife Anushik has never looked so beautiful.

I hope to post more often in the near future. 


Lusine said…
we met Anushik the other day ,,, she really looks great =)

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