Dog Trainer, Anyone?

If anyone residing in Yerevan has a mischievous mutt that could use a good dose of discipline, consider calling Leonid Istomin, the Armenian dog whisperer. He is one of the most gentlest, spiritual guys I know and Chi Chi is in love with him.

Due to his efforts Chi Chi can walk alongside me proud, and her behavior in the house has improved immensely, from being dominating to fairly submissive. When we first asked him to help us within minutes he trained her so that she would no longer enter our bedroom, and things only improved thereafter. Incidentally, aside from his clever canine training skills he's also a talented painter.

He has a Facebook page that is mainly in Russian, but if you don't know the language and use Chrome, the browser will translate the text on the fly.  You can also view a promotional video on YouTube to see him in action. Leonid speaks Russian and Armenian fluently, but can also hold a conversation in German fairly well. He can be reached at 093-235-110.


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