My Sweet Lord

Lately Areg has been having trouble falling asleep in the evenings. We don't understand whether it's attributable to the summer heat or stubborn gas bubbles, but certain types of music have proven to work in lullabying him to la-la land.

The mobile that is attached to his crib plays gentle arrangements of famous delicate classical compositions, which even put me to sleep, but sometimes they just don't do the trick. One afternoon George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" came to mind when thinking of trance-like melodies that may induce slumber. My mother had told me that my uncle used to play it for me repeatedly while rocking me to sleep in one arm when I was about Areg's age.

Whenever I put the song on for him it works without fail. Even if he's complaining, as soon as he hears the guitar strumming during the first few seconds he calms down immediately, and by the time the "Hari Krishna" chorus comes in he's out cold. And to ensure maximum chill out, I enable the repeat cycle in the music player. The efficacious influence of song on the uneasy soul is undeniable.


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