Back in Armenia

After a two month hiatus in the US me, Anush and baby arrived safe and sound last night. Areg slept most of the time on the flights and never had any major crying fits throughout the journey, even during our six hour layover at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

I'm still a bit groggy from the jetlag and felt it while walking Chi Chi in a sort of vaguely trancelike state last night, but I noticed two pluses worth mentioning. One is the new terminal at Zvartnots airport, which is quite spacious and impressive. It just opened a couple of days ago according to the taxi driver who took us home, a far cry from the awkward, cramped original arrival hall still in use up to five years ago. Chi Chi along with my sis-in-law and Levon were there to greet us (Chi Chi peed all over the new glossy stone tile floor). Another is the newly paved sidewalks on Hanrabedutyan Street, where we live. The rippled, crevice-ridden pavement has finally been smoothed out, which means there's no chance of tripping for klutzes like myself.

Here's some recent photos of baby.


Leone said…
Last one-Crafty Looks
What it does mean(what Areg would like to say)? Aaa?
Who knows?
Chirssy said…
Glad to hear about the new sidewalks, though I still don't doubt your ability to trip, even on the smoothest of surfaces. :)
Vagabonde said…
How that baby has grown! Areg looks like such a sweet baby and his eyes are so beautiful. Small babies like him are so cuddly. Last week-end we visited my daughter near Nashville. We had only seen our grandson when he was born last 13 July, and now at 3 months old he looked so big. I am sure your family and friends in the US were so pleased to see you all.

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