Birthday Wishes

Today's my birthday, which coincidentally falls on Groundhog Day. Yes, that indeed is a hilarious coincidence. Good thing no one in Armenia knows what Groundhog Day is, never mind a groundhog.

I have only two wishes for my birthday:

1. Peace and happiness. We're living in turbulent times. Tensions are high on Armenia's borders. The economy is starting to tank. Regional stability is fragile. Let's pray for peace. That will come from inner peace, inner stability, confidence and self reliance. Most of all peace comes from tolerance and empathy.

2. Evenings when both my sons sleep over in their own home together, in their own beds. I never imagined how difficult going through divorce is, probably because I never fathomed having to endure it several months ago. But although my marriage is finished, my relationship with my boys isn't. Our father-son relationship remains eternal, and nothing will ever come between us. Nothing. On my birthday and every day I send my undying love to my boys. I'll see you soon.

I hope that's not very much to ask for.


Anonymous said…
May God bless you and your boys! Happy Birthday, my friend!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, and I hope your wishes come true :)

Your children are truly adorable. And I enjoyed all the love that has gone into making his blog. Thank you for staying, and for caring, and for doing your bit. It means so much.
Vagabonde said…
I have not been to your blog for a while and came back to read your latest posts. Your boys are beautiful – I can understand how proud you are of them. I now have 3 grandsons who are 8, 6, and 3 and one granddaughter who is 1 ½ years old, but they live in Nashville – 5 hours away from us. I’d like to wish you a belated happy birthday. What a coincidence, February 2nd is my husband’s birthday too! I wonder if you are like him – very humanistic, trying to save the planet and all the animals, not materialistic at all and peaceful. Have a happy year.
Vrejouhy said…
You have every right to be a proud dad , you are a good dad and your boys love you , happy birthday Christian , I am a Canadian , I know all about the groundhog , it is going to be a long winter .

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